FRAGMENT | An art edition by Raws

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is the first series by Raws in which each artwork is hand-painted and completely unique in its form and appearance. This edition consists of 10 + 2 individual paintings on plasterboard. With this collection, Raws manages to bridge the gap between his classic graffiti approach and his recent abstract “Chaos“ aesthetics, creating a visual design language that is urban and modern contemporary.

„This edition represents my past, presence and future.“ - Raws



This release is on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis, which means that you can decide which artwork you want to get, but have to make sure to be faster than others. On the second image you can see the artworks including the purchase number. If your favourite artwork is not shown in the purchase window anymore, another person already got it. Now you have the chance to go with your second or third choice. Good luck!



DATE: 04.05.2023, 6pm cet
PRICING: Standard (01-10): 550,- Euro + shipping | Special (S-01, S-02): 650,- Euro + shipping
SHIPPING: worldwide
TECHNIQUE: spraypaint on plasterboard, signed
SPECIALS: certificate, white gloves, wooden box