MINI RISING SUN | Limited edition

Image of <strong>MINI RISING SUN</strong> | Limited edition

We are super excited to announce Raws' mini edition of original and unique artworks called MINI RISING SUN.

Statement by Raws:
"For me, the RISING SUN is one of my most important artworks. It not only shows my most minimalstic graffiti aesthetics and my corporate colors, but also gives a positive and warm feeling to me – especially in these chaotic times we are living in. The augmented realitiy experience of this artwork brings this approach on another level and into a new dimension. My goal is to bring power, love and energy to peoples home and so I decided to release this handpainted edition."


° SIZE: 20cm

° PRICING: 180,- Euro

° EDITION: 14x

° SHIPPING: worldwide (4-6 weeks)

° TECHNIQUE: spraypaint on canvas, signed

° SPECIALS: qr-sticker, AR experience